Jacob H. Schritz–“Jake” to those that know him–was born and raised on a farm in Spencer, Ohio. He spent his formative years helping his family run the farm, doing everything from baling hay to running tractors to feeding cows. This gave him a love of nature and the outdoors, as well as an appreciation for a job well done, and the work ethic to see a job through.

Another interest that caught Jake’s eye early in life was the automobile–everything from rusty old pick up trucks to hot rodded muscle cars, anything that was unique or loud. As the years went on, he learned how to fix them as well, a skill often utilized on his family’s farm.

Jake’s passion for automobiles also lead to another skill set: drawing. As a kid, he would often draw the cars he would see, or dream about how a car might look if it where modified. In time, he began to take his drawing more seriously, eventually discovering that it could be a hobby in and of itself. This discovery then lead to an interest in design and photography, and would eventually lead to a pursuit of a future linked to the arts.

Now a graduate of the University of Akron with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design, Jake wishes to take his unique passions and upbringing and use them to make the world a little more unique.